Sheffield retro: 16 photos of the city's famous Hole in the Road landmark to take you down memory lane

It is one of Sheffield’s most iconic lost landmarks, famed for its fish tank, and it was the meeting place for many a date over the years.

The Hole in the Road at Castle Square in Sheffield city centre is still fondly remembered nearly three decades since being filled in in 1994, supposedly using the rubble from Hyde Park Flats, which had been demolished shortly before.

The network of underground tunnels was created in 1967, when many of the old streets which had been damaged by bombs during the Second World War were cleared to make way for the new Arundel Gate dual carriageway. They contained shops and stalls, toilets and most famously the glass fish tank which was built into the wall, and they were accessible from street level by elevators.

But as the years went by, the underpass became plagued by graffiti, vandalism and crime, and it became gradually less and less well used. It eventually had to go to make way for the new Supertram system, which would run through the High Street, above where the hole once stood.

We’ve scoured the archives to bring you this photo gallery showing happy times at the Hole in the Road, including boxer Herol 'Bomber' Graham celebrating his European middleweight title, buskers entertaining the crowds, and the huge Christmas tree standing in the centre.

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