Sheffield retro: 15 photos showing how Sheffield has changed since The Full Monty hit screens in 1997

It’s hard to believe it’s more than a quarter of a century since The Full Monty first hit cinema screens, taking the world by storm.

Fans will be able to catch up with the fortunes of Gaz, Dave and the rest of the plucky gang of unemployed Sheffield steelworkers who so memorably stripped to make ends meet when the eagerly awaited Disney+ TV reboot drops on June 14. Viewers will get to see how the characters have fared since the hilarious and heartwarming 1997 film.

They and the actors who play them, including Robert Carlyle, have undoubtedly changed, but so has Sheffield, which featured so prominently in the movie and based on the trailer will again play a starring role in the upcoming TV series.

This retro photo gallery shows how Sheffield looked back in 1997 and how the city has changed since then. It includes photos of the short-lived Sheffield City Airport, floral tributes to Princess Diana, and a huge 'teardrop' of ice which fell from the sky at Ecclesfield that year.

All the photographs are shared courtesy of Picture Sheffield.