Looking Back:I think most people are worried enough about the here and now

I’m not sure that clairvoyants and mediums are as popular today as they used to be years ago, although there are apparently plenty around.
Clinton Baptiste star of Peter Kay's Phoenix NightsClinton Baptiste star of Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights
Clinton Baptiste star of Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights

I think most people are worried enough about the here and now instead of about what the future may hold!

The word clairvoyance comes from the French word meaning – clair –clear and voyance – vision.

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Anyone describing themselves as a clairvoyant is alleging that they have the ability to gain information about an object, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception.

Any claims for the existence of psychic abilities have never been supported by scientific evidence, but people have been convinced that psychics can contact the dead.

I keep an open mind about most things. I may be sceptical about many things people believe, whether connected to a religion or a political party, but I also think that it is their business and if they are not hurting anyone else, are not racist, obscene, or cruel, then its harmless enough.

But are the majority of clairvoyants and mediums complete fakes and just in it for the money?

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Do many of them exploit the vulnerable, unhappy, grieving or just plain deluded?

People will always clutch at straws. They want to think that the person they have lost is attainable, even though they have passed over to the spirit world.

Many people who contact clairvoyants hoping to hear from their dear departed are going to be of a certain age, and known illness, death of a loved one or have health problems. The medium will exploit the situation for all they are worth. They examine body language, clothes and rings.

One of the most famous was Doris Stokes. She was the ‘mother’ of British spiritualism, filled halls with her followers and wrote bestselling memoirs.

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She was commercially astute and knew how to play her audience. Unfortunately, an investigation after her death revealed that she routinely planted accomplices in her audience who eavesdropped on the people sat round them and passed information back to her.

I have heard it said that ‘clairvoyance is garbage presented to the gullible’ but what do I know?

As Hamlet said when Horatio had seen the ghost of his father ‘There are more things in heaven and earth that are dreamt of in your philosophy!

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