A view of the Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, in 1963
A view of the Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, in 1963

Gleadless Valley Sheffield: 10 pictures looking back at the 1960s and 1970s

Gleadless Valley has been in the news over the past couple of weeks with plans for the future of the estate.

The area was developed as a large Sheffield City Council housing project between 1955 and 1962.

Now it is to undergo a £90 million transformation over the next decade.

The improvement works were first unveiled in 2017 and residents were consulted in autumn 2018.

Housing director Janet Sharpe said: “Gleadless Valley has a number of issues and needed a fair amount of investment but rather than do it piecemeal, we worked with the community to come up with things that are good and that residents like but what would make the difference and improve it

“We had a huge amount of information from residents and some of the things that came out of the early consultation was about improving the housing and having a greater range and type of homes available.

“It wasn’t just about housing but also the layout of the estate, making better use of the green space, the lack of play provision, shops and the local centres, allowing people to feel safe and issues around parking and traffic

“We’ve looked at everything including housing, the environment, employment and health and wellbeing and a huge amount of work has taken place since 2017.

“We’ve translated that into a series of draft proposals and it’s now time to do a proper consultation back to the community to see if they support those proposals or if they’ve got other suggestions.”

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