Elvis death 45th: 17 great pictures of people in Sheffield dressing up as The King of Rock and Roll from the early 2000s

Elvis Presley – renowned as The King of Rock and Roll – died 45 years ago today and his passing on August 16 1977 sent shockwaves across the world.

Sheffield and The King have a storied relationship as The Fiesta nightclub was the only a venue anywhere else outside North America to come close to booking the star.

The Sheffield City Archives uncovered a copy of a newsletter published by the city’s Fiesta nightspot that features a large image of The King emblazoned across its front page, accompanied by an ‘open letter' of invitation to the singer penned by the club's owners, brothers Keith and Jim Lipthorpe.

The publication dated from 1972, when Elvis’ manager Colonel Tom Parker was said to be seeking a ‘supper club showcase’ for his client rather than a stadium or arena appearance. Negotiations broke down when the manager’s demands became too much and Elvis died five years later in 1977.

However, the love affair with Elvis has continued and over the years many people have dressed up to pay homage to the great rock and roll legend.

So who you can spot in these retro pictures going back more than 20 years.

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