Cost of living crisis: We've been here before - I remember Sheffield in the 70s

The cost of living crisis, the cost of heating, and the cost of eating - none of it fills me with any joy.
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However, it does bring back memories of my childhood when again life wasn’t as rosy as nostalgia would have you believe.

I grew up in a small terrace in Pitsmoor in the 70s. Back then money was never in abundance, nobody seemed to be awash with cash.

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Except my mate Richard who would go to Skegness for six weeks in the holidays.

Cost of living crisis.Cost of living crisis.
Cost of living crisis.

I always thought he was the luckiest kid in the world.

In those days we had to have three square meals a day, and a sweet at tea time, whether we liked it or not – it seems strange saying it like that.

The meals my mum cooked were made over several hours it seems, sometimes prepping the day before.

Cost of living campaign.Cost of living campaign.
Cost of living campaign.

Looking back, they were lovely meals that originated from Jamaica. Chicken, rice and peas, or mutton and rice, lovely.

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I would never turn down a meal from my mum now. Back then I took them for granted, and really only wanted beans on toast, or egg on chips, like my mates.

There were no trips to takeaways, restaurants or pub lunches – all treats people today take for granted and are seen as the norm now.

Then it was taking your girlfriend or wife to a Berni Inn on a first date, treat, or anniversary, but not a regular thing as it is now.

In the 70s double glazing, central heating and insulation weren't words you heard often, if ever.

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I remembered the big cast iron pipes we had at school, but we never had radiators at home.

For a time we had a coal fire as did many.

I remember the coal man coming to many homes where we lived.

knocking on the door to ask how many bags you wanted before pouring them down the grate into the cellar.

We would have roaring coal fires through the winter, one room would be lovely and warm while the others were freezing.

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We went to bed with hot water bottles to stave off some of the cold.

Ice on the inside of windows was normal then, not even warranting a mention.

Sash windows had zero insulation, the wind would rattle through them stealing the heat.

Homes were never warm, but it was just the norm, huddling as close as you could to the fire was a regular thing, jostling with brothers and sisters for a good spot, not wanting to go to the toilet for fear of losing your spot.

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This new cost of living crisis has really brought back memories of cold homes back to me.

Those days again are gone, I’ll be more caring of what I wear in the house, if a lights are on, is it necessary?

Central heating will become a treat rather than the norm, just as heating was as a child.

We have become so accustomed to affordable heating and food, now things seem to have come full circle, how long will it last?