Can you spot yourself in these pictures of people enjoying nights out in Sheffield in 2004?

We are raising a glass to good nights out in Sheffield over the years.

Monday, 23rd March 2020, 3:30 pm
What are you memories of nights out in Sheffield?
What are you memories of nights out in Sheffield?

We have delved in to the archive and got some great pictures from your nights out from 16 years ago but who can you spot?

Ready to rock are Chris, Kelly, Emily & Karl.

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Out for a good time were Jane, Yvonne & Christine.
Keith & Les grab a quick kiss
Jamie, Phil & Kev having a good night out
Pat & Carol on a night out
Sarah, Laura & Rochelle out in Banus
Ruth Hawney, Kirsty Wilde, Liz Bullivant & Bernice Cowton
Jonathon, Mark & Nikki on a wild night out
Having a great night were Margaret & Bev.
Girlie night for Rachel & sarah.
On a good night out were Debbie, Nick & Jane
Marcia, Sheree & Jan out for a good time
Rachel and her mates on her hen night.
The girls, Jackie, Sam & Nikki, are back in town
Michelle, Carla & Sue were ready for a dance 16 years ago
Ready for a good night were Alix, Nicky & Jae.
Laura Evans, Victoria Ibbertson, Audrey Wright & Larissa Davies.
A good night out for Karen, Gina, Kelly & Val