The Sheffield  Deaf Club in 1998The Sheffield  Deaf Club in 1998
The Sheffield Deaf Club in 1998 | JPIMedia

Can you spot yourself in these retro pictures of Sheffield's famous Star Walk

Organised by the Sheffield Star the race around Sheffield started in 1922 and apart from a six year break for World War Two it ran until 2000.

The Star Walk has made a comeback; it quickly became a yearly event when racers took part in the first race back in 1922. The walk hasn’t taken place since 2000 but ‘The Star’ brought a version of it back to raise money for the ‘Women of Steel’ statue.

In the first year 272 men took part in the 12-mile Star Walk. By 1925 it had a growing reputation and walkers started raising money for the city’s charities.

After a break during the war numbers tailed off and in 1958 only 38 people took part.

However The Star Walk had a resurgance in the 1960s when the walk became 20-miles long and people from outside South Yorkshire were now entering and the first fancy dress competitors took to the streets in 1969.

By the 1970s there were a lot of changes made to the race including the route and age limit was lowered and women were allowed to enter for the first time and in 1978 153 women took part.

While other races started to offer cash prizes for winners people started to lose interest in the Star Walk and it was dropped in 2000, but did make a one off come back to race funds for the Women of Steel statute in 2013.

Take a look back at some great pictures from the Star Walk going all the way back to the 1920s and see how the race has changed over the years.