A much livelier scene on Chapel Walk in 1975 - shoes are still drawing somebody's attention, though

10 'now and then' pictures showing how Sheffield has changed

These 10 pictures show fascinating differences in Sheffield over the past few decades.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 10:24 am

Take a look at our pictures, taken from as close to the same spot as the original photograph as possible, and see what differences you can spot over the years.

Some are sad, of course – the optimism that led Cole Brothers to build a new city centre store that opened in 1963 gave way to the closure of John Lewis only six decades later and the once-bustling Attercliffe shopping centre is now anything but.

Certainly, no trams head down its quiet streets on their way into the city centre these days.

However, Crookes is more or less the same, just the names and types of shops has changed, Chapel Walk is now looking a lot better again, now that the scaffolding has come down, and Hunter’s Bar roundabout still has its historic toll bar on display and the green backdrop of Endcliffe Park to admire.

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