Village society's hopes to restore Sheffield community's water pump

A village history society is giving residents the opportunity to help fund the restoration of a grade two listed water pump in Greenhill.

Monday, 20th September 2021, 3:59 pm

The Greenhill water pump is in need of restoration after falling into a poor state. The pump is part of Greenhill heritage having been traced back to at least 1834 and is seen of great importance to the community.

The Greenhill Village History Society, formed in 2015, is now giving residents the opportunity to contribute to the funding of the restoration.

Lesley Fox, chair of the society, says the community did not want to see the pump disappear.

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"It is part of Greenhill’s heritage and needs to be preserved for future generations,” she added.

Lesley described the pump as “degenerated into such a state that it is only the rust which is holding it together”. She also says that the stonework around the pump needs repairing and re-pointing.

The society worked with local councillors who suggested applying for ward pot funding, but after applying, it was decided that the locals should be given the chance to donate towards the restoration due to fond memories locals have of the the pump.

The society has now given residents various opportunities for donating towards the pump’s restoration. Charity boxes have been placed in several local businesses, or for anyone donating more substantial amounts, Lesley says these can be placed in envelopes and posted in the Greenhill Neighbourhood Watch postbox to the left of reception in the community library.

As well as this, there are other ways locals can donate to the water pump.

Local resident Pete Chatterton has organised a ‘fun quiz’ which will take place at the Transport Ground on Friday September 24. Admission will cost £2.

The history society is also organising a raffle to take place, and donations will also be collected by GVHS members and friends at the farmer and craft market at Greenhill Library on Sunday September 26.

Lesley added that the collection boxes would be removed on Saturday October 2, so anyone wanting to donate is asked to make sure they have added their money by that date.