Ten reasons to be proud of Sheffield which boasts something for everyone - from music legends to acting greats

Sheffield residents have much to be happy about living in the Steel City but here are 10 standout reasons that we feel fill our hearts with pride.

The city’s international reputation was forged on its steel industry but despite such a proud industrial heritage it has also became one of the greenest cities in the country as was acknowledged by poet John Betjeman.

And as the stage is set with fantastic theatres including The Lyceum and The Crucible, the city has always given rise to great actors including Sean Bean and Michael Palin, as well as musical performers including the Human League, Joe Cocker, and the Arctic Monkey and many more.

It also boasts the world’s first football team with Sheffield Football Club and with such a heritage that no doubt inspired the popular professional city clubs, EFL Championship side Sheffield United, and EFL League One team Sheffield Wednesday who both attract tens of thousands of supporters.

Whatever reasons spring to mind one thing everyone will agree is that you’ll find no warmer welcome than in a city that has one of the highest retention rates for outside visitors who end up happily setting home in and around our famous seven hills.