Sheffield weather: How current heatwave compares to sweltering 1976 when temperatures rivalled those in Sahara Desert

As Sheffield swelters in blistering heat, many will be reminded of the summer of 76 when the nation baked in temperatures more in keeping with the Sahara Desert than South Yorkshire.

Day after day throughout much of June and early July of '76, the temperature reached into the 80s - and even the 90s as records tumbled across the country - leading to water shortages, rationing of supplies and ice cream running out.

It was reported how ice cream makers and sellers alike enjoyed a bumper year.

South Yorkshire Police even issued a warning for drivers to "keep their eyes on the road and not the mini-skirted girls on the pavement."

A warning never to be repeated in these enlightened times.

The heat wave led to the hottest summer average temperature in the UK since records began.

One of the driest, sunniest and warmest summers in the 20th century.

Here are some pictures to take you back to that balmy summer.