Sheffield retro: 15 photos from 1980 - a year of industrial unrest, Yes Minister and a visit from Princess Anne

The year 1980 heralded a decade of big change in Sheffield. Margaret Thatcher was in power and there was industrial unrest with steelworkers among those taking strike action.

Across the UK, big stories included the SAS storming the Iranian Embassy building on May 5 as the nation watched on TV and unemployment hit a 44-year high of nearly 1.9 million.

British Leyland launched its Morris Ital range in June followed by the Austin Metro in October and the first episode of the BBC’s political sitcom Yes Minister was broadcast.

In Sheffield city council elections were held on May 1 with Labour gaining one seat, the Conservatives losing four and the Liberals up three.

Our pictures take a look at life in the Steel City with royal visits, school centenaries and striking workers being just some of those who made it into The Star.