Retro picture comes as a surprise

A photograph in The Star’s Retro section brought surprise and a new appeal from one of our readers.

Saturday, 5th June 2021, 12:00 am

Margaret Long from Wadsley recognised several people in one of our photos which showed a family in the 1900s.

She believes the picture was a family photo taken at The Yew Tree at Malin Bridge, ’now known as Champs Bar.’

Margaret thinks her grandmother Nellie Helliwell who was born in 1896, is the little girl sitting on the knee of Margaret’s great grandfather, Herbert Frederick Helliwell.

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Margaret Long she is trying to get information about a photo that appeared in The Star. Picture: Chris Etchells

Herbert was part of a well known family of builders based in the Loxley Valley area who lived in Beechwood House on Beechwood Road, Hillsborough.

Herbert’s father Benjamin Helliwell, born in 1836, was a stonemason and builder and made many of the headstones in Bradfield churchyard.

“Herbert was also said to have built the high stone walls at Kirk Edge Convent situated in the Bradfield area of Sheffield,” said Margaret.

She also believes the “military looking gentleman'' with the top hat was also a family member but is not sure of his connection.

Margaret Long from Wadsley believes the picture was a family photo taken at The Yew Tree at Malin Bridge. Photo courtesy of Picture Sheffield

“Possibly he was Herbert’s brother Walter Helliwell or his brother-in-law, part of the Frith family,” Margaret added.

Herbert was married to Annie Frith, they had four children together, one of which was Margaret’s grandmother Nellie who died in 1968.

Nellie worked in a milliners on Snig Hill before getting married and raising their children.

Margaret has tried to find out more about the other people in the photo and is hoping someone will be able to shed more light on it.

If you have any information, email [email protected] and we’ll pass it on.