Claremont House in Sheffield's Loxley Valley (pic: LKUrbex)Claremont House in Sheffield's Loxley Valley (pic: LKUrbex)
Claremont House in Sheffield's Loxley Valley (pic: LKUrbex)

Claremont House Sheffield: Eerie photos show inside crumbling Victorian mansion which was once a social club

These eerie photos show the crumbling shell of a Victorian mansion in Sheffield which was once a popular social club.

The images, shared by the urban explorers behind Facebook account LKUrbex, are of Claremont House, which lies on Storrs Bridge Lane, in the city’s picturesque Loxley Valley.

The once grand building dates back to the 1890s and, according to Hallamshire Historic Buildings, was built by James Smith, who was part of the Swift Brothers family firebrick manufacturing firm and lived there.

In the 1920s and 30s it was home to fishmonger George Bott – who had a shop in Woodseats, which is today occupied by the fishmongers H Boldock – and his wife Emily.

The businessman Thomas Marshall and his family lived at Claremont house from the 1940s to the late 60s and after he died in 1965, the family moved out and it was used as the social club for Thomas Marshall’s factory workers.

The building was sold in the 1990s and has not been used since.

Planning permission was granted in 1994 to convert it into a nursing home, but this never happened, and in 2010, plans to extend the building and convert it into six apartments were rejected.

In 2020, The Star reported how the owners of Claremont House had been ordered by Sheffield Council to clear fly-tipped rubbish from the site, with a notice also being served at the time on Patrick Properties, which owned the adjacent old Hepworth’s refractory works.

Today, as these photos show, the building is in a sad state of disrepair, with the windows and much of the roof missing, timber beams having crashed to the ground, and vehicles rusting amid the sprawling vegetation outside.