Smokefree Sheffield: free support available to help you quit smoking in 2023

Stopping smoking can help your financial health as well as your physical health.Stopping smoking can help your financial health as well as your physical health.
Stopping smoking can help your financial health as well as your physical health.
Smokefree Sheffield understands that quitting smoking can be tough, but with the help of their free service, you’re three times more likely to quit for good.

New year’s resolution to give up smoking? Stopping smoking can be difficult and often techniques such as going cold turkey or quitting without support can leave people returning to the habit.

With smoking impacting health, finances and wellbeing, Smokefree Sheffield is helping people to quit for good, leaving more money in people’s pockets, which is especially important in the current cost of living crisis. The free service builds a personalised quit plan for each individual and will help smokers access the right stop smoking treatments for them, such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Health impact

Smoking has a devastating effect on health. Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are caused by smoking, but it can also have an impact on mental health.

This year, Smokefree Sheffield is helping people see that they are strong enough to give quitting another chance, because every time they try, they’re closer to their final attempt. Many people feel they may struggle to quit due to the stress, but it's a common misconception that smoking helps you relax, and can be used to self-medicate stress.

Whereas smoking actually increases anxiety and tension, with the relief felt from nicotine only temporary; as soon as nicotine levels drop, you feel more irritable and stressed. With the support of the service and stress management techniques we will teach you, Smokefree Sheffield believes that many local people can quit the habit for good, that their free support, advice and access to treatment will help many smokers become happier and healthier.


And there’s not just a major impact on health and wellbeing, smoking can be a seriously expensive habit, with the average smoker spending £1,900 on cigarettes every year[1]. With the cost of living crisis affecting millions of us in the UK, the extra money saved from quitting the habit could help to pay for household bills or family supplies.

If you’re concerned about the cost of travel to attend the sessions with the service, Smokefree Sheffield can provide support in whatever way works for you, whether that’s in person, via text or on the phone and we can call you to save on your bill. It’s staffed by local, friendly people who have helped thousands of smokers quit for good. The majority of them are ex-smokers themselves and want to be influential in your quitting journey.

Although around 60% of smokers want to quit[2], half try to quit by willpower alone, despite this being the least effective method. Feeling alone in your fight to kick smoking can be discouraging, so Smokefree Sheffield is building on the success of last year’s You Are Strong Enough campaign by sharing the message that they’ll help you deal with the stress, and support you so you feel confident and empowered to quit.

Support that works for you

Smokefree Sheffield understands there’s no right way to quit, and finding the right way for each smoker means they’re more likely to succeed. Each smoker will have access to a trained advisor who will support and motivate them throughout their quit journey, and access to a community of ex-smokers for further encouragement.

See how quitting can make your situation better by going smokefree in 2023.

Smokers in Sheffield can get free advice and support to quit via Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield, by calling 0800 612 0011, and the Smokefree Sheffield website

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