Sheffield nurse left vomiting and shaking after finding chicken in her ASDA vegetarian lasagne

A Sheffield nurse was left vomiting and shaking after discovering pieces of chicken in her ASDA vegetarian lasagne.

By Dan Windham
Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 3:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th July 2019, 9:56 am
Lucy Skelton's 'vegetarian lasagne'
Lucy Skelton's 'vegetarian lasagne'

Lucy Skelton, from Hillsborough, was tucking into her ‘vegetarian’ ready meal during a late-night hospital shift on Monday when she made the horrifying discovery. 

The nurse pulled out a number of pieces of chicken from the meal; supposed to be a ‘medley of roasted aubergines, peppers and courgettes’.

Lucy Skelton's 'vegetarian lasagne'

Upon discovering the chicken, Lucy said she ‘vomited out’ the three mouthfuls that she had consumed and was left shaking following the experience. 

Posting on Facebook she said: “No ASDA, that is not a medley of roasted aubergines peppers and courgettes that is CHICKEN in my vegetarian lasagne.

“I now have no tea stuck at work until midnight, have vomited back up the three mouthfuls I had and I am now sat shaking. Fuming doesn’t cover it.”

Lucy said she bought the ready meal from the ASDA on Chaucer Road and said she complained to the supermarket following the incident.

She said: “I just want the supermarkets to listen that this isn’t good enough, and I don’t want it happening to somebody else.”

An ASDA spokesperson said: “We’ve been in contact with Miss Skelton to apologise for the error and we’d like to invite her back into store for a full refund.

“We want to reassure all our customers that our ready meals go through a rigorous testing process before they reach our shelves and we are carrying out a full investigation to understand how this error has occurred.”

Last month, shoppers were left outraged after a customer admitted switching the Tesco beef and vegetable lasagnes to prank vegetarians. 

The post read: “Some mornings I like to pop in to Tesco & switch the cardboard sleeves around on these just for fun."

The UK Government requires any companies that produce pre-packed food to follow strict allergen labelling requirements.

The allergenic ingredients must be emphasised in some way - many times it is typed in bold or a contrasting colour - to make it clear for the consumers.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We are aware of this Facebook post and are monitoring the situation.”