Sheffield girl raises over £100 for NHS by creating colourful beaded figures

A young girl in Sheffield has decided to raise funds and donate them to Captain Tom Moore’s NHS fundraiser after being inspired by his efforts.

By Kyle Wilson
Saturday, 25th April 2020, 2:58 pm

Imogen Spray, aged 6, and her brother Alex, aged 7, from Ringinglow, Sheffield, are two of many people across the country who have been inspired by the courageous efforts of Captain Tom Moore. Following the news that Captain Moore had raised an amazing sum of money, she and brother decided to do something very special of their own.

Originally, the pair started creating colourful beaded figures for their grandparents in a bid to lift their spirits while they continue to live in isolation. Upon making the first decorations, Imogen told her father that she wanted to make some more figures for NHS staff on the frontline battling the coronavirus.

After producing more of the decorations and delivering them to NHS staff, Imogen saw for the first time what Captain Moore was doing on the news. With her new found inspiration, she turned to her father for a second time and asked if she could raise some money for the Captain.

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Imogen while busy creating some of the hama bead figures to help raise money for Captain Moore.

Her father Steven Spray, said: “We were sat watching the news one evening when Imogen saw captain Moore on the television. Immediately, she wanted to be involved and help him donate money to the NHS.

“We came up with the idea to continue making more of the beaded figures and ask for a donation fee for each figure made. I published a message on the Facebook community group to see if people would be interested in supporting Imogen.

“The response we got was simply amazing. I’m incredibly proud of Imogen, she’s given up her free time to try and boost peoples spirits and raise money to support a man trying to make a difference, and she eventually managed to raise £240 and donated that money to Captain Moore.”

Imogen’s efforts have been praised by some members of staff working in South Yorkshire hospitals.

Some of the many hama bead figures that Imogen is creating.

NHS Radiographer, Naomi Walker, Said: “I thought it was a lovely idea invoking hope and appreciation to key workers like myself and my husband who is a primary school teacher. A young child using their precious toys to display their appreciation felt truly genuine.”

Community Mental Health Nurse, Catherine Obbard, said: “I came across what they were doing in their own time to help and support the NHS through the Facebook community group.

“I had a really tough day supporting distressed patients while trying to get used to quick change and the stress of worrying about Covid-19. The kindness really lifted my spirits, my collegues and I were all really touched.”

Speaking to the Star, Imogen said: “I really just wanted to make something nice for NHS staff. It makes me really happy to think that I can make people smile and help Captain Moore raise money for the NHS.

A collection of hama bead figures that have been greatly accepted by members of the NHS.

If you would like to help Imogen raise money for Captain Moore, you can find more information by emailing [email protected]