Sheffield DJ live streams for 48 hours to raise money for the NHS

A Sheffield DJ has performed a live 48 hour gig in order to raise some much needed funds for NHS charities.

Friday, 15th May 2020, 2:33 pm
Updated Friday, 15th May 2020, 2:33 pm

As the country heads towards the ninth week of the coronavirus lockdown, Britons across the nation have been endeavouring to display their unwavering spirits to support each other through these unprecedented times.

And on May 9 , 22-year-old, Sheffield DJ, Aria Adele, sought to provide some much needed entertainment to locals by playing a non-stop 48 hour gig and streaming the performance live on Facebook and YouTube to raise money for the NHS.

Aria decided to cater for a wide audience by playing varied genres of music including; Disco House, 140, Dubstep, UKG, 4x4, Bassline, Liquid, Minimal, Rollers, Jumpup, Jungle and Hardcore.

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Aria Adele performed for 48 hours non-stop to raise money for the NHS.

Over 10,000 people logged in to watch the remarkable effort, with the overall interest generated allowing Aria to raise over £1,200 for local NHS charities.

Speaking exclusively to the Star, Aria said: “Due to the recent unpleasant events in the country, affecting everyone's day to day life, across the event industry and most importantly our NHS, I wanted to play my part and raise as much money as I could.

“Having seen the effects of the virus first-hand on family members, and thinking of all my friends currently working in the NHS, I became desperate to help where I could. I came across another DJ performing a 24 hour live stream and thought to myself ‘I can beat that’.

“I came up with the idea to perform for 48 hours and people were largely against it, telling me that I probably wouldn’t manage to do it. I used that doubt as further inspiration to ensure that I did.

Aria in action during the performance.

“My favourite moment of the whole gig came in the last hour, when more than two hundred people logged on at the same time just to see me finish the gig. The support I got was incredible and I can’t thank people enough.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to ask people to stay home, and look after yourself and your loved ones. I will be hosting a 12 hour gig on May 31 and if you can, come and enjoy the music and vibe with me.”