Sheffield couple who donated sperm for 10 families 'desperate' for a baby of their own

A Sheffield couple who donated sperm to 10 families to help them have children are raising money for IVF treatment for a baby of their own after experiencing six miscarriages.

Friday, 16th April 2021, 2:05 pm

Danielle-Eve and Daniel Chittenden have been donating sperm for years and have helped 10 other families during this time.

However, due to the fact that Danielle’s eggs are damaged, the couple have been unable to have a baby of their own.

Through IVF treatment NHS administrator Danielle, 39, has been pregnant six times since 2011 but has miscarried each one.

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Danielle-Eve and Daniel Chittenden

Until now, they were not aware the eggs were the problem. Now they know, Danielle and her husband Daniel, 42, are raising money for another round of IVF using donor eggs in the hope that their dream of becoming parents will come true.

Danielle said: “I feel completely desperate. We've given so much, yet still, after 12 years, have no baby to call our own.

“Since 2011 I've been telling my clinic, Jessops ACU, that my eggs are the issue. They've always sworn, until now, that they must be fine based on blood tests.

"However, all six times I've been pregnant, I've miscarried.

Danielle-Eve and Daniel Chittenden.

"The ladies who received my donor eggs also miscarried. I feel so deeply sad that my eggs made them go through the suffering we've been through. If I'd have known I wouldn't have donated.

“My husband’s sperm that we donated has given 11 babies to 10 families. So his sperm is very good. 10 families have babies due to our donation. It feels amazing in so many ways to know 10 families aren't suffering like we are with grief."

Knowing that Danielle’s eggs are the problem, IVF with donated eggs could be a solution

Danielle added: “I just want to make my husband a daddy. I want to carry our baby and give birth and want to pass our newborn into the arms of my husband and see his heart overflow with love. That's my dream. I would love to have just one baby and to be the amazing mummy I know I could be!”

Due to how many times they have had IVF Danielle and Daniel have exhausted their savings.

They are raising money for the new cycle of IVF treatment, which costs about £8-10,000.