Sheffield college students use first aid they learned that day to help a man injured in fall

Three students from a Sheffield Military Preparation college helped a man knocked unconscious by calling 999 and applying first aid knowledge they had learnt that day.

By Lloyd Bent
Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 3:13 pm

Students Brooke Hetherington,17 , Rihanna Shipton, 17 and Bailey Thornhill 17 were on their way home from QPD Military Preparation college on Wednesday, April 21 when a man stumbled and fell at the tram stop they were getting off, knocking himself unconscious.

They were first to approach him, calling 999 and arranging for an ambulance to attend. They then placed him in the recovery position and stayed with him, monitoring him for over an hour, relaying the information to the emergency services on the phone and not leaving until the emergency services had arrived on the scene.

On the day of the event, the three students had been learning all about first aid and what to do in an emergency. It’s thanks to this lesson that they felt confident to spring into action.

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Three students helped a man who had fallen from a tram using knowledge they had learned at college.

Brooke said: “As a group we decided that he needed help because the people who were looking after him weren’t helping him correctly, so Bailey stepped in and was telling people what to do.

"Rhianna and I picked up our phones and called the ambulance operator as well as comforting the man by reassuring him that it wasn’t embarrassing and that the ambulance would be there soon.”

Rhinna added: “I felt confident with what I had to do and kept calm making sure the man didn't get scared and knew what was happening when he got taken in the ambulance. I felt good for helping and I am proud of everybody involved.”

Ian Fraser, Director of QPD, praised the trio.

“It is with great pride that young people have the skills to meet dynamic challenges in life and have the skills and the resilience to support members of our community,” he said.

"It shows that this generation that is coming through is as good as the generations that have gone before.”

QPD Military Preparation college has helped over 600 young people into a job in the Army, Navy, and RAF since 2007.

It has been operating in Sheffield for a couple of years, after the Army careers office expressed a need for a college in the area.