Prescription costs have gone up - here’s everything you need to know

Prescription charges rose by 20p today.Prescription charges rose by 20p today.
Prescription charges rose by 20p today.
The NHS prescription charge in England has risen today to £9.

The government increased the price of individual prescriptions by a 20p from price of £8.80. This follows an increase of the same amount last year.

The prices of a number of other items available on the NHS are to rise with inflation.

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However the cost of a prescription prepayment certificate - which covers the cost of prescriptions over a given period of time - has been frozen at £29.10 for three months, or £104 for a year.

Matina Loizou, senior policy and campaigns adviser at Parkinson’s UK and co-chair of the Prescription Charges Coalition, told i, “The Government has pushed up prescription costs every year, bar one, since 1979. Haven’t people with long-term conditions paid enough for essential medication?”

“People are facing impossible choices over whether they should eat, heat their home or pay for essential medications.”

Charges for other items such as wigs and fabric supports are also set to increase as follows:

Surgical bras will increase from £28.85 to £29.50.

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Abdominal or spinal supports will rise from £43.60 to £44.55.

Stock-size modacrylic (ie, synthetic) wigs will go from £71.25 to £72.80.

Partial human hair wigs will increase from £188.70 to £192.85.

Full bespoke human hair wigs will rise from £275.95 to £282.