Menopause supplements UK: the 5 best menopause supplements 2023 according to Apex

Advertisement feature: With 13 million women in the UK going through perimenopause or the menopause, it's time to time to shed some much-needed light on the once-taboo subject of the menopause. Neuaura is one of the most popular menopause supplements in the United Kingdom.
Finding the right supplement that works for you.Finding the right supplement that works for you.
Finding the right supplement that works for you.

For many women currently going through this natural stage of life, it can be a distressing and unpleasant experience. With many women experiencing extreme levels of symptoms such as night sweats, hot flushes and fatigue.

Research shows that more than half of these women say that these extreme menopause symptoms negatively impact their lives, as well as their working lives and careers, and often seeking support from the NHS is the right thing to do at first.

Many women are in desperate need of new safe and effective alternative options that can help support them through their daily menopause symptoms.

From hot flushes to aches and pains, supplements can sometimes alleviate symptoms.From hot flushes to aches and pains, supplements can sometimes alleviate symptoms.
From hot flushes to aches and pains, supplements can sometimes alleviate symptoms.

Discover 5 of the best menopause brands available in the UK according to Apex Studies

With the huge increase in demand for menopause solutions, the UK market has seen an explosion of new types of menopause products that are specifically aimed at the many symptoms faced by menopausal women.

These products range from high to low quality and it can be hard to tell the difference until you have already spent your hard-earned money and precious wasted time. This is why it is extremely important that you do your own research to ensure you get the best brand that matches your exact needs.

Important things to consider when selecting a product are things like are the products clean? Does this product help my issue? And, do the products actually work?

It is important to ensure that the products only contain useful and wanted ingredients that all have a purpose in helping solve the issues and are not just there as a nasty additive, bulking agent or filler.

Unfortunately, the only real way to know if the product works for you is by trying it yourself. However, one of the best ways to get an idea of success of the product before purchase if by reviewing the company reviews and testimonials of past and existing customers.

With so many different symptoms faced by menopausal women and a wave of online products clamming to help with anywhere from one to all symptoms, it can be difficult for women to select the right product for them.

In this article, we have picked out the best menopause products available on the UK market to help women get the menopause support they need.

A quick look at the best supplements for menopause:

The Neuaura company ethos is that each person holds their health and well-being in their own hands. However, it is inevitable, as well as understandable, that at some stage or another it can all get a little too much and we begin to see a dip in our form.

Unlike other vitamin brands that may have a range of various different supplements, Neuaura has a sole focus on creating the best menopause products on the market. This is why their products are carefully crafted by industry-leading experts to ensure that the needs of all the customers that they serve and show it is at the heart of everything that they do.

This effort has not gone unnoticed as it has been applauded by customers through five-star reviews and testimonials, as well as seen in media outlets such as The Scotsman and The Manchester Evening News

The Neuaura menopause formula is made with a unique blend of 12 essential ingredients that all serve a beneficial purpose and provides vital support when you need it most. A combination of root extracts and vitamins that are specifically designed to balance hormones and support women through both perimenopause and the menopause difficulties.

The Neuaura formula is also recognised for having one of the cleanest available within the industry as they ensure that there are no nasty additives, bulking agents or fillers found in their products, as well as using titanium dioxide-free capsules.

Their products are vegan-friendly, made in the UK using GMP standards and support sustainability through their packaging and containment.

They also offer an excellent 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try the product and ensure that it is right for you, totally risk-free.

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The Balance Supplement by Motion Nutrition does exactly as it is intended to do by bringing back balance to provide the user with a sense of resilience and control.

The formula is loaded with an impressive vitamin and mineral profile that is critical for promoting restorative properties and can help provide much-needed support during tough times.

This supplement comes with great customer reviews and is formulated alongside neuroscientists and nutritionists to help support women during the menopause transition.

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The team over at Clav stays true to its mission of producing top products from natural plant substances. Created using only essential root extracts, powders and vitamins, this formula aims to maximise bioavailability and help its UK and European customers get the most from their products.

Not only have the team been careful to ensure that each ingredient that they have included will help contribute towards the overall end goal, but they also ensure that they do it in a sustainable way by using recyclable containers and packaging.

This product is vegan-friendly, free from lactose, gluten and non-GMO. Overall this product is an good option for anyone going through menopause struggles.

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Unlike many other brands, the team over at Starpowa have created a different type of product which gives customers a sweeter option. They created their Starpowa Meno Balance supplement which comes in a black current gummy form instead of a traditional capsule or tablet.

Each gummy contains less than 0.1g of sugar and they use plant-based natural sweeteners so you get all the flavour without much downside. The formula used for this product uses a range of important vitamins and extracts, with their stand-out ingredients being Kelp and sage, both key ingredients in combating menopause daily struggles.

This product is also gluten-free, as well as vegan and keto friendly.

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The COVID-19 pandemic had many downsides and negative outcomes. However, that didn't stop the MPowder team from bursting onto the scene and becoming one of the nation's most popular menopause brands with their MPowder Meno-boost Daily supplement.

This powder form supplement targets numerous common menopause issues, while also providing its customers with a much-needed nutritional supercharge with their unique blend of wholefood ingredients that contains vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Certified by the Vegan Society, the blends contain quality plant-based ingredients and contains no fillers, caking agents or artificial flavourings, and no added sugar.

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When does perimenopause start?

Perimenopause is the time leading up to the menopause and it usually starts when you are in your 40s. Early or premature menopause is usually considered when this happens before the age of 45. However, in many cases perimenopause often starts when you are around 45.

This is where the ovaries tend to gradually decline in oestrogen production and is a signal that the reproductive system is slowing down.

For some women, the menopause is a breeze and they don't have to deal with many of the unwanted symptoms that often start during this phase and if they do it is not so severe.

However, for others, the change can be so quick and severe that it negatively impacts everyday life, especially when you come closer to the end of perimenopause and transition into the menopause.

Signs perimenopause is ending

Many women often wonder what to look out for when it comes to signalling the end of perimenopause and the transition to menopause. Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer as the journey is different for every woman.

There are some very helpful tools available online that can help you give a quick and discrete indication as to where you currently are in your menopause journey. Neuaura offers a comprehensive, free-to-use menopause quiz created by industry experts and designed to give you insight into what could potentially be happening below the surface.

Below is a quick list of possible signs that may signal that you are coming to the end of perimenopause:

Irregular or infrequent periods

A change is your period is one of the main signals that you are now closing in on the end of the perimenopause phase. For some women, the periods might be heavier or lighter or shorter than usual.

Generally, the more infrequent and irregular the periods become, the further along your menopause journey you are.

Hot flushes start

Hot flushes are one of the most common and most discussed menopause symptoms, as up to 80% of women will experience these during their journey. However, these often start towards the end of the perimenopause stage and the early menopause stage and are a big indicator that you are nearing the end of perimenopause.

Interrupted sleep/ night sweats

Along with hot flushes, sleep problems are another of the most common symptoms experienced by women. Hot flushes that occur during the night are known as night sweats and make getting a good night's sleep extremely difficult due to the discomfort caused by overheating. This is another significant signal that you are closer to menopause.


Another common headline symptom is fatigue. This can happen during perimenopause and will often continue throughout the whole journey. Making positive lifestyle and diet changes can help. However, there will be times when it is just all too much and rest is the best thing for you.

Note: Apex Studies may earn affiliate commission from some of the brands listed when sales are made from this article.

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