Loneliness Sheffield: City's loneliest areas based on GP prescriptions, including Ranmoor, Deepcar and Crookes

With so many of the daily interactions which were once part of everyday life now carried out online, it can be easy to become isolated.

Loneliness affects many people across Sheffield, as it does people around the country. A ‘loneliness index’ was created in an attempt to identify the areas where the greatest proportion of people were suffering from loneliness. It was based on GP prescriptions for five conditions where loneliness has been shown to be a risk factor: Alzheimer's, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia.

This data was used to generate a score for each area, with a positive number indicating that the people living there are more likely to be feeling lonely, and a negative number indicating the reverse.

Sheffield had a loneliness index of 0.12, which was higher than for many other major cities, including Birmingham (-2.76), Leeds (-0.83) and Manchester (-0.94).

The loneliness index was published by the Office for National Statistics in 2021, based on data from 2019, and the figures for neighbourhoods within Sheffield have now been shared on the Sheffield Local Insight website.

Below are the loneliest neighbourhoods within Sheffield based on the loneliness index scores for each area.

If you are feeling lonely, or you think someone you know is suffering from loneliness, there is support available here.