Sheffield readers have their say about face masks on trams and buses after Freedom Day

Face masks will remain compulsory in Sheffield’s bus stations after July 19 – but what about on the bus itself?

By Alastair Ulke
Thursday, 15th July 2021, 4:32 pm
Public transport users in South Yorkshire wearing masks as they travel by bus
Public transport users in South Yorkshire wearing masks as they travel by bus

Bus and tram providers have been told it will be up to them to decide if passengers must wear face coverings on their services – although it is “strongly recommended” they do.

However, with just four days to go until July 19, the Department for Transport is reportedly yet to give out formal guidance to public transport companies.

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South Yorkshire mayor Dan Jarvis to implement mandatory facemasks at these bus i...

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So what would Sheffield readers want to see?

We asked our audience on Facebook and Twitter if they would want face masks to remain mandatory on trams, buses and trains.

More than 600 people felt strongly enough on the issue to give their thoughts on the matter. Here are just a handful of their comments.

"Yes!” wrote one reader, Jean Hepplestone. “Some people may not have been able to have the vaccine and along with older people who have to use public transport a lot, it would protect them. Drivers shouldn't have to risk themselves enforcing it though. Pubs etc are different as you have a choice whether you go or not.”

Another user, Bev Barnes, wrote: “No. When will life ever get back to normal? We have to live with this disease.”

"Or die with it,” replied reader Roger Stephens.

Their comments come after South Yorkshire mayor Dan Jarvis announced on Wednesday (July 14) that wearing face coverings would be mandatory in the city’s bus stations and interchanges. Whether masks must be worn on the transport itself will be up to the provider.

Reader Emsie Marie wrote: “It should be someone's choice if they would like to wear a face covering or not.”

“I think getting vaccinated and wearing a mask in public is the minimum you should do if you want to be a responsible citizen of Sheffield,” wrote user Neale Gibson. “Unfortunately there is a significant minority who are too selfish and self righteous to care about anyone else.”

Sandra Fox thought it should go a step further and wrote: “Yes plus supermarkets and any crowded places. Let's avoid another lockdown.”