Hospital urges patients to think twice before visiting Rotherham A&E

Hospital chiefs are urging patients to think twice before visiting Rotherham’s A&E because the department is ‘very busy’.

Rotherham Hospital
Rotherham Hospital

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust said staff are dealing with an ‘increase in demand’ and the A&E department is ‘very busy and likely to remain so for the next few days’.

In a statement, the Trust said: “Along with other local hospitals, Rotherham Hospital is currently dealing with an increase in demand and our Urgent and Emergency Care Centre – A&E – is currently very busy and likely to remain so for the next few days.

“This isn’t due to any one reason, but as a result of higher numbers of people attending the hospital who require acute levels of care.

“We know that the winter period brings its own pressures, but alike other hospitals, there are other times of the year, such as this week, when we also experience a sharp and temporary rise in admissions.

“We want to support those with a non-emergency care need to choose the best care provider for them, helping them to stay well and us to treat those most in need at this busy time.

“It would be helpful if anyone thinking of coming here first of all checked out other available options. These include pharmacists, GPs and NHS 111.

“Of course, if having considered other options and it’s still an emergency, then A&E is the right place to come.”