Hop on Doncaster health bus and get immunised

Young people can have immunisations quickly and easily on a health bus that is taking to the roads around Doncaster.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 25th July 2017, 2:02 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:46 pm
Blood treatment centre, Vin Sakalas centre manager
Blood treatment centre, Vin Sakalas centre manager

A vaccination team will be on the bus to give a range of immunisations, including diphtheria, tetanus and polio.

Men ACWY - the vaccine that protects against the four main groups of meningococcal bacteria that cause meningitis and septicaemia, will also be available.

HPV is another choice for Doncaster pupils who have not already had their vaccinations at school in this academic year.

The bus will be at the Lakeside Village, Doncaster, on August 10 between 9am and 11.30am.

Sarah Thompson, Clinical Lead for the vaccinations, said: “If you would like to discuss your child’s vaccination status, why not come along and see us.

“Vaccinations are very safe and I would strongly recommend that children are kept up to date to help maintain their health and wellbeing.

“ Why not visit our facebook page for further details by searching Doncaster School Nurses”

John Magee, centre manager at Doncaster’s Lakeside Village said: “We are pleased to be able to host the health bus at Lakeside Village.

“We have lots of families visiting us during the school holidays and it is great for them to know that they can keep up to date with their immunisations whilst out and about.”

He continued: “We hope that lots of our customers will make the most of having the bus on our site for the day.”

The Vaccination Team work for Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH).

RDaSH provides mental health, learning disability, drug and alcohol services and community health services.