You can only meet in three places with your Christmas bubble - the rules explained

Many families will be reunited at Christmas after months apart, following the government’s decision to allow people to form “Christmas bubbles” in late December.

Up to three households will be able spend time together between 23 and 27 December, without social distancing.

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People can travel to anywhere in the UK to be with their Christmas bubble, and overnight stays are also allowed.

There is no maximum number of people you can have in a bubble, but it should not exceed more than three households.

Where can you go in your Christmas bubble?

There are some restrictions on where you can and cannot meet with your Christmas bubble, with only three places permitted under the rules.

Private homes and gardensPlaces of worshipOutdoor public spaces

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You can go into the private home and garden of anyone in your bubble and stay overnight. This also includes private rented accommodation, although you cannot travel to and stay in a hotel together.

Christmas bubbles will be permitted to go to places of worship and attend religious ceremonies together.

You can also go to outdoor public spaces with your Christmas bubble, which includes parks, beaches, allotments, gardens and playgrounds.

What can’t Christmas bubbles do?

Other than the above, you shouldn’t meet your Christmas bubble in any other place indoors.

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This means that you can’t go as an extended group to the pub, restaurants, shopping or to events where they are on.

While you can travel and stay in private rented accommodation, you cannot stay in a hotel as a Christmas bubble.

When do lockdown rules change?

The current period of lockdown is due to end on 2 December, after which the revised regional tier system will come into effect.

The rules will depend on whereabouts in the country you live, with people living under Tier 1 restrictions allowed to mix between households, following social distancing and the rule of six.

However, people in Tier 2 and Tier 3 will not be able to meet up with people from other households indoors.

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