Should another national lockdown be imposed to combat Covid-19? - what our readers said

Sheffield has been in Tier 3 lockdown measures for a week now.

Friday, 30th October 2020, 3:57 pm
Updated Friday, 30th October 2020, 4:02 pm
A shoppers wearing a face mask in Sheffield city centre. Image: Jonathan Gawthorpe

A recent study suggested that nearly 100,000 people are now catching Covid-19 every day in England, with more areas moving to higher alert levels and France and Germany both reinstating some form of national restrictions.

People in the city are now talking about the prospect of another national lockdown similar to that imposed in March when the pandemic began.

We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers for their views on whether the Government should now take action and were inundated with hundreds of responses. Here’s what some of them had to say:

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Sam Higginson said: “In the height of the first wave in March and April it is estimated that there were over two million cases in the population and we never used the Nightingale wards . “Why do we need another pointless job and livelihood-destroying lockdown?”

Joy Wilson thought otherwise. “We should have done it at end of September when the Government were advised to do a lockdown,” she said. “Just like March they are dragging their feet while the virus spreads.”

Marion Manterfield agreed. “It’s a bit late now,” she said. “We should have tried it for two weeks earlier when the figures started to rise as the scientists advised.”

"We are heading there already,” said Peter Reynolds. Get it over and done with. A two-week full lockdown and bring the rate down before the run-up to Christmas.”

Kram Nala Ddothit out at the Government. “They have no choice left to them now through their utter incompetence and purposeful mishandling of every aspect of this fiasco,” she told our Facebook page.

"If they had prepared to come out of lockdown with a working and devolved test and trace system and a semblance of a public health plan and response it could have been mitigated.”

Stan Matt put his faith in the scientists. “They have it all in hand,” he said. “But it’s too early for them to release something where the virus becomes immune to the drug used, so instead it’s being monitored. I’m sure we’ll find a safe drug to treat Covid19.”

Sharlene Rowan thought another national lockdown would be a terrible idea because of the amount of jobs that would be lost, livelihoods down the pan and mental health issues peaking. The first one wasn't even that successful,” she said.

Said David Booth: “Any national lockdown will be to protect the NHS, nothing more. “with the current rate of hospital admissions and staff being pushed to and beyond their limits something has got to give.

"Already more than 600 NHS staff and social care workers have died of the virus. maybe think of their safety before moaning about losing half-an-hour’s boozing time.”

Blaming those who are spreading the virus, Ron Ward said: “It's time to start getting tough with people because the virus can't fly, walk or get the bus. It is completely dependant on the spreaders.

"Wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, social-distance and comply with the rules on gatherings. It's not difficult.”