Sheffield pubs closed for breaking Covid rules announce major changes for customers

Pubs in Sheffield which were ordered to close following coronavirus breaches have announced they are reopening just days later.

Thursday, 24th September 2020, 4:28 pm

Four pubs and a takeaway had been issued with prohibition notices by Sheffield Council, which said its enforcement officers witnessed customers flouting the rules by singing, dancing, hugging and kissing when visiting venues around the city over the weekend just gone.

All four pubs have since either reopened or say they will do so today.

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Malin Bridge Inn, in Sheffield, said it was ordered to close as the music had been too loud (pic: Google)

They have given more details about the individual reasons for their temporary closure, explained the new measures which will be in place and issued a powerful message to customers.

Malin Bridge Inn announced it would be open for business again from today, Thursday, September 24.

It claimed it was ordered to close as the music had been too loud and ‘contributed to people wanting to get up from their table and dance’.

"We must stress that this is not something we let happen and turned a blind eye towards. Every weekend we are asking customers to sit down, not to shout, not mix tables and just to generally follow the rules at our venue,” it added.

Sport Shack in Hillsborough said it was told to close after a report about people failing to observe social distancing while smoking outside (pic: Google)

It thanked the majority of customers for their support but had a strong message for the minority failing to respect the rules.

“For the customers that want to break the rules in our venue and tell us that it's bulls**t, you will not be served and asked to leave,” it said.

Pen Nook in Deepcar, which reopened yesterday, Wednesday, September 23, said only pre-booked tables would now be available at weekends and set out the other measures being introduced following changes to the government rules.

“We understand it is a difficult and uncertain time for us all but we ask you fully respect all staff working and help us stay open by following all the right guidance,” it added.

Sport Shack in Hillsborough said on Wednesday that it was back trading, and thanked everyone for their messages of support.

It claimed it had been ordered to close due to a report about customers failing to observe social distancing guidelines while smoking outside, an issue it said had been caused due to the scaffolding in place for repairs to the roof.

The Pack Horse in High Green revealed it had been ordered to close as the music was too loud but said both police and the council had been satisfied with the steps it had taken ahead of reopening on Wednesday.

“After last night’s announcement, we have also implemented the new rules in our pub and ask that all customers adhere to these. Refusal to do so will result in you being asked to leave the pub,” it added.

The fifth venue which was ordered to close was Chicken Stop in Sheffield city centre.

Sheffield Council confirmed that all five businesses had been allowed to reopen after they were reinspected and deemed satisfactory, but it said spot-checks would be carried out to ensure they comply with the new procedures in place.