Sheffield man with severe epilepsy, asthma ‘going in circles’ to book his Covid-19 jab

A 54-year-old Sheffield man, who is suffering from severe epilepsy and asthma, said he has been "going around in circles" just to get his second Covid-19 vaccination booked due to an explained ‘error’.

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 9:06 am

The man, who requested to remain anonymous, said he received his first dose on May 4 at the Sheffield Arena and was scheduled to get his second dose of vaccination on July 20.

However, a text message by the NHS informed him that he could bring the appointment forward due to his underlying health issues, and this was when problems began to arise.

He said: "I had my first jab on May 4 and everything went fine and they gave me a little blue card.

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A Sheffield man, 54, said he has been having difficulties trying to get his second Covid-19 vaccination booked.

"And then yesterday, I received a text saying I can bring my appointment forward due to my underlying health issues.

"So I called 119 to discuss this with them and they said, it's showing an error and we can't go any further and that I need to speak to my GP."

He said after checking with his GP surgery, his vaccination record was up-to-date and was told to ring back 119 to get the matter sorted, since the booking was made via the NHS website.

"I got back to them (119) and the agent said they can't do anything unless I talk to my GP, thing is, I've done that.

An error shows up when he enters his details on the NHS vaccination website.

"I told them I have really bad epilepsy, I've had three occasions where I was put on a life support machine and this is really stressing me out.

"I even spoke to the supervisor who told me the same thing, that I needed to contact my GP and we were going in circles, basically.

"I told them I can't. I need to move on today because the system says error and I might get turned away if I still showed up on July 20.

"He just said he's used all his powers as an agent but I said that's not good enough. I need a resolution because I've got life threatening conditions," he said.

When contacted, NHS Teaching Hospitals said they would assist him to get his second dose of vaccination booked.