Sheffield founder of Mind and Bodee shares her story about improving gut health

A Sheffield woman has told how she resorted to locking her family members inside the home and hiding the keys during the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 2:55 pm

When the Coronavirus outbreak first hit England in early 2020, many people were thrust into a situation they had never been in before.

For Burngreave woman Nazia Begum, aged 43, it was extreme panic as she would be raising a son with asthma and almost losing her husband to pneumonia wo years prior it meant she was determined not to lose either of them - culminating in her locking them in the house and hiding their keys when Covid first hit.

Nazia’s son Asad has asthma and her husband Arshad has Type 2 diabetes for which he has been taking medication for over 22 years. His condition causes a weakened immune system which led to a two-week stint in hospital with pneumonia.

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Nazia Begum

So when the UK was hit with the coronavirus pandemic, Nazia went into full panic mode. Her family were particularly vulnerable, and she began researching ways she could boost their immune systems so that they could remain healthy.

She said: “It took me right back to when my husband was in hospital, and all I could think about was how I could potentially lose my whole family. During the first lockdown I went to the extremes of not even letting my children go to the park.

“When the older ones refused this, I started locking them in the house and hiding the keys. They resorted to climbing out the bedroom windows to get out.

“After the initial panic of the first month, I switched off the news and decided I would research all I could about autoimmune diseases and that started my obsession with the immune system.”

Arshad and Nazia Begum who runs Mind and Bodee full-time, providing a range of vegan, non-GMO gut health powders.

After learning that 70 per cent of the immune system resides in the gut, Nazia began focusing on strengthening her family’s immune systems through informed choices about the food they ate and improving their lifestyle.

She added: “My kitchen turned into a full-on health store. I bought a bunch of vitamins and minerals and started making healthy smoothies for the family. It turned from an obsession into a passion once the panic died down.

“We actually all caught the dreaded virus back in December but thankfully none of us were seriously ill.”

Nazia now runs Mind and Bodee full-time, providing a range of vegan, non-GMO gut health powders and capsules which she says clean out accumulated waste, toxins, metals, and mucus in the digestive tract.

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