'Secret party den' where people gather to avoid lockdown 'causing misery' to Sheffield residents

Councillors in Sheffield have called for action to remove a lockdown busting ‘party den’ that’s been the scene of weekend and late-night parties at the back of a residential street in Arbourthorne.

Saturday, 27th March 2021, 8:01 am

The structure, which is located next to Villers Close in Buck Wood, has been the source of complaints from residents, with reports of large crowds gathering in contravention of current lockdown restrictions.

Residents have reported gatherings of more than 30 people meeting there and have also complained of loud noise and littering.

Others have said they have seen families with children meeting there.

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Councillor Ben Miskell next to the structure

Councillor Ben Miskell said: “Many residents have been in touch with me after making countless reports to South Yorkshire Police about anti-social behaviour connected to this shelter, with loud music causing sleepless nights and significant distress.

"It’s also been the source of a huge upturn in illegal motorbike use in the wood and litter.”

He went on to say: "The people responsible are adults and should know better. It’s clearly been put up in a bid to break lockdown rules. At the moment, it’s not the time or place to party. I want to see this shelter removed, as it’s a source of anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood.”

The structure had been put up in Buck Wood at the back of Villers Close and has been the source of considerable anti-social behaviour over the past week

The structure is made out of scaffolding poles, with wooden boards between the bars to provide makeshift seating, as well as a roof to provide shelter.

Arbourthorne has attracted a lot of attention in recent years for antisocial behaviour issues, and residents have often called on the police to crackdown on trouble in the suburb.

South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment on the issue.