'This isn't lockdown': BBC Radio Sheffield DJ Toby Foster's Twitter rant over ‘packed parks’

BBC Radio Sheffield’s Toby Foster has claimed ‘this isn’t lockdown’, after seeing parks and garden centres ‘rammed’ over the weekend.

Monday, 16th November 2020, 10:42 am

Speaking on his show this morning, the outspoken DJ said: “This weekend was rammed round us. It was like Wembley turning out down Wentworth. The only thing I can see this weekend is that pubs are shut. Nobody’s stopping home are they, or are they?

"The parks are packed, they’re queuing out the door at the garden centres. This isn’t a lockdown is it?”

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Endcliffe Park

He had earlier tweeted: “This isn't Lockdown. This is "the pubs are shut" It's rammed round here, cars parked everywhere. The Garden Centre has someone directing traffic, and people are picnicking wherever they want.”

Based on the reaction to his comments, it’s clear plenty of people agree.

One person described the scenes at Greasbrough Dam as ‘like a football match kicking out’, while another commented ‘Bradfield is same mate! Ridiculous and some people don't seem to know what one other means’.

Lots of people have agreed with Toby Foster's comments

A third person wrote: “Agree. It’s going to last longer because people are irresponsible.”

And another responded: “Yep it’s busy everywhere I just think most people have had enough.”

But not everywhere was packed, it seems, with one woman commenting: “That's funny, all quiet and people behaving themselves where I live.”

There was also an angry response from businesses which have been forced to close during the latest lockdown.

The Dog & Partidge pub in Sheffield city centre wrote: “I've stopped taking the dog to Endcliffe Park on Sundays because it's so busy. The message has been completely lost, and it's so demoralising. Can't see lockdown ending on 2nd December.”

And Pour Sheffield, a craft beer and pizza restaurant in Heeley, commented: “I've repeatedly said, as long as its part of concerted efforts to keep the virus under control and save lives then I can accept being closed, but with the half measures in place elsewhere it doesn't seem like its going to make any difference to anything but my livelihood. And other people’s livelihoods of course!”

The new lockdown rules were introduced in England on November 5, forcing all but ‘essential’ shops to close, banning different households from mixing indoors and forbidding people from meeting more than one person from another household at a time outdoors.