How Sheffield city centre looks with new social distancing signs and markings

Yellow markings and signs have been erected on Fargate and The Moor, encouraging people to keep a safe distance from each other while shopping.

By Lizzie Day
Tuesday, 9th June 2020, 4:38 pm
Updated Friday, 12th June 2020, 5:08 pm

It’s before non-essential shops are allowed to officially reopen for the first time since the country went into lockdown on June 15th.

This means clothing retailers will be able to welcome back a limited number of customers into their physical stores, while they maintain a safe two metre gap.

The new markings and signs that have appeared in the city centre remind shoppers to ‘keep moving’ use the marked out yellow walkway to access shops.

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New social distancing markings have appeared on Fargate to keep shoppers safe.

One sticker outside Sainsbury’s on The Moor reads ‘be smart, stay apart’ which hopes to remind people to keep social distancing while shopping.

Some retailers have also stuck signs in their shop windows asking future customers to clean their hand with sanitiser on arrival, pay using a card or through contact-less and stay away from fellow shoppers.

Stickers reminding customers to keep a safe distance while shopping have also appeared on The Moor.
Warnings have also been stuck to lamp posts to urge the public to keep inside the markings when shops reopen on June 15.