Coronavirus in UK live blog: latest as UK begins testing new contact-tracing app on the Isle of Wight

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A man wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) passes customers queuing to enter a recently re-opened Pret-A-Manger shop which had originally closed-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic in London (Photo: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images)

Coronavirus live blog, May 5

Last updated: Tuesday, 05 May, 2020, 17:45

Raab is asked whether the government could have been clearer about what information applies to devolved governments. 

He says the UK government has a good relationship with other country leaders. and message has been "remarkably consistent. 

That concludes today's daily press briefing andd today's live blog. 

We will be back at 8am tomorrow morning with the latest on the coronavirus pandemic in the UK. 

Raab is asked about a potential return of the Premier League. 

He says a return would “lift the spirits of the nation”. Constructive meetings have been held with sports bodies. Culture Secretary looking at having sport played behind closed doors. 

“It's under active consideration." 

Sport behind closed doors until vaccine? Raab says he can't look too far into the future. He says we want to see what the options are behind closed doors. Always following the science. 

The pair are asked about when schools will reopen following claims from Scotland. 

Raab says he really feels for parents and teachers. 

He says crucial part before implementing any changes is to pass five government tests. 

Government will be guided by science on changes. 

Asked if obesity is a risk factor in cornavirus, McLean says that there is a “beautiful” study that highlights obesity as a risk factor. 

Pandemic or no pandemic its better to not be obese. 

Next the pair are asked whether claims made by the Scottish Government earlier that a return of school children could lead to hospitals being overwhelmed. 

McLean says there are some “profound uncertainties” on how likely children are to catch and spread Covid. Hard to trace because symptoms are usally mild. 

McLean says whatever we change will make sure that situation is monitored closely. She can't imagine an outbreak that would overwhelm NHS in any UK country. 

Asked whether Brexit negotiations could be extended, Raab says progress has been made and we're confident we can get there. Businesses would like certainty and country wants certainty. 

Crisis allows UK to “knuckle down” and focus on what matters according to Raab. 

The pair are asked how they plan to lower the curve to Germany and South Korea levels. 

McLean says South Korea are a fine example for us. 

Raab says that real risk now is that we ease up too early and see a second spike. Test, track and tracing allows us to manage that very carefully. Any second outbreak can be monitored closely. 

Raab is asked how he feels that the UK may now have the highest number of deaths in Europe. 

He pays tribute to the lives lost. 

Says we won't get a real verdict until the pandemic is over. 

Says international comparison doesn't currently work. 

UK a world leader at gathering data because they want transparency. 

A second member of the public asks why the track and trace app wasn't rolled out globally. 

Raab says we have high tech and privacy standards that other countries may not hold. 

Important that the app was tailored to UK needs. 

Raab and McLean are taking questions now. 

First a member of the public asks how the lessons learned from the pandemic can help us to recognise inequality in society. 

Raab says PMs election goal was to level up the whole country. 

First country needs to get back on its feet after the pandemic.

Important to keep spirit of togetherness alive. 

McLean chimes in and says diseases targets the disadvantaged. Incumbent on all of us to make sure that we can track the ongoing spread of the infection. 

Professor Dame Angela McLean is taking us through the daily slides now. 

Public transport usage remains low, but car usage is creeping up, which is “troubling”. 

Number of new in-patients falling away “pretty rapidly”. 

Now more people in hospital in the north west than in London.

Average number of deaths is falling and has been falling steadily since mid April. 

Deaths in hospital, but deaths in care homes rising. “We need to get to grips with what is happening in care homes”. 

Raab finishes by saying that cyber criminals are targeting individuals and businesses during the pandemic. 

He says “we have clear evidence” that they are targeting government website among others. 

He announces that the US and UK have announced a joint warning about these groups. 

Government targeting individuals and state actors carrying out cyber attacks.

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