The big mistake people in Sheffield are making when wearing face masks

Advice has been issued on how to wear face coverings in Sheffield, with claims many people are doing it incorrectly.

Public health boss Greg Fell said the main mistake people are wearing is not covering their noses.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a face covering during a visit to Sheffield this week

He said: “Face coverings is a topical issue.

“You must wear face coverings in shops, supermarkets and on public transport and you must wear them correctly.

“I see lots of people not wearing their face coverings over their noses. They cover their mouths but not their noses.

“The point of them is to protect other people from respiratory viruses.

“You breathe through your nose so if your face covering isn’t covering your nose it’s not doing much use.

“Dispose of them properly if you are wearing disposable face coverings. We recommend that people use re-usable face coverings that can be washed and then reused and obviously prevents waste which is a good thing.”