Teenagers replace wrecked bench in Sheffield woods, by making another...

Two public-spirited teenagers have restored a vandalised bench for the use of walkers in Brincliffe Woods.

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Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 3:11 pm
The boys on the bench they restored to use
The boys on the bench they restored to use

 Seventeen-year olds Andrew Thompson and Tim Griffin often take a  walk through Brincliffe Woods with pet dog Summer.

Recently they discovered that a bench in the woods,  that overlooks countryside and allotments from its strategic spot, had been vandalised and broken in two.

The two A-level design and technology students at Birkdale and Notre Dame schools set themselves a Sunday afternoon project and constructed a new bench to replace the former one.

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Andrew’s mother, Emma Thompson said: “The first thing I knew about the bench was when I walked the dog and they met me in the woods and showed me the completed project.

“They’ve made a very good job of it. Apparently they created a great deal of interest as they worked on the bench out there in the woodland .

“I think it was a spontaneous action but a lot of people will appreciate it as many go and  walk their dogs through those woods or just go for a stroll or a jog .

“It appears to have been  mindless vandalism behind the former bench being wrecked, which is a great shame.

“But it was a very positive action that the boys took.

“Tim has a lathe and they often spend hours working  on designs together, on items such as wooden bowls. I don’t think they had made a bench previously.

“They disappeared for an entire  afternoon and that was the result.

“Maybe they can use the project  for their design and technology A-level work.  ”  

The Friends of Brincliffe Edge Wood meet there about once a month to  plant and litter pick.