Sheffield teacher inspires others to turn their favourite school subject into career

A Sheffield man has turned one of his favourite school subjects into a career by becoming a full-time teacher at a secondary school and is now out to inspire others to do the same.

By Rahmah Ghazali
Friday, 21st May 2021, 3:19 pm

Simon Dawson a mathematics teacher at Newfield Secondary School in Norton Lees, is supporting the Get into Teaching campaign.

He said: “Helping to shape the lives of the next generation on a daily basis is a real privilege. For me, you can’t beat the moments you see a student’s face light up when they learn something new in one of your lessons.

“What I love most about my subject is that maths is the cornerstone of everything we do. The phones we use, the cars we drive, the ability to fly people into space, is all driven by a deep understanding of maths.

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Simon Dawson, a maths teacher from Sheffield

"The biggest thing for me though is just teaching maths for the love of it, the enjoyment of solving problems or getting the correct answer to a complex equation. Maths is fantastic!

“I would encourage anyone thinking about their next steps who has the passion and potential to teach to find out more about making it their career.”

New market research by Get Into Teaching has also revealed that English, maths and history are among the subjects people in Sheffield enjoyed the most thinking back to their school days.

Roger Pope, spokesperson for the Get Into Teaching campaign and a National Leader of Education, said: “Our research shows the impact that good teachers can have on their students, way beyond the classroom years.

"For many of us, school subjects ignite interests, which evolve into passions and often lead us to the careers we choose later in life.

“When it comes to teaching as a career, you not only get to immerse yourself in a subject you’re passionate about every day, but you are also in the unique position where you can channel this enthusiasm to inspire others in the classroom.

To find out more about initial teacher training starting from September, visit: or call the Get Into Teaching line on 0800 389 2500.