Sheffield secondary school ‘delighted’ after retaining ‘Good’ rating following inspection

A Sheffield secondary school is 'delighted' after it successfully retained its 'Good' rating following a recent inspection.

Friday, 6th May 2022, 1:54 pm

Newfield Secondary School, which is part of Mercia Learning Trust, has been praised by education watchdog Ofsted for its inclusivity and diversity, which it says has resulted in a 'happy community'.

The inspection, which took place from 17 and 18 March, found that the pupils and staff value and respect each other's differences.

The report read: "Pupils are polite and courteous and typically treat people with respect. Staff plan carefully for pupils’ personal development.

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Newfield Secondary School has been rated good following a recent inspection by Ofsted.

"Pupils develop the characteristics which will help them to contribute to modern Britain. Pupils feel safe in school. They can ask adults for help if they need it. Leaders resolve any rare incidents of bullying quickly and effectively.

"The school has clear behaviour policies which pupils understand. Pupils are rewarded for positive behaviours and achievements in all aspects of school life.

"The headteacher and all other staff have high expectations of how pupils should approach their studies. They do all that they can do to help pupils do well in school."

Ofsted also praised the pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and disadvantaged pupils for performing well in school.

Ofsted praises Newfield Secondary School for its diversity and inclusivity.

School leaders are also found to have maintained an appropriate single central record of checks on the suitability of adults to ensure that they are well trained and qualified.

It said: "Staff support pupils’ mental health and well-being effectively. They know how to identify concerns and they have the confidence in leaders to deal with these. Pupils feel safe. They know how to keep themselves safe, including when using social media."

Ofsted has also advised that school leaders improve their teaching to better guide students along their educational journey.

Recommended improvements

It said: “Some teachers do not promote pupils’ oracy skills sufficiently well. Pupils’ confidence in expressing their thinking is not consistently well developed. Leaders need to ensure that teachers encourage pupils to explain their thinking in depth and with confidence.

“Occasionally, teachers’ checks of what pupils know and can remember are not thorough. This means that teachers sometimes move on to new learning before some pupils are ready.

"Leaders should ensure that teachers’ checks of pupils’ learning help them to fully identify the gaps that pupils have in their knowledge so that these can be quickly addressed.”

Headteacher, Emma Anderson, said: "We truly believe it is essential to have not only a good, but an improving, school at the heart of this community in Sheffield.

"As such, it was important to note that the inspectors recognised that Newfield is an ‘inclusive school with a diverse and happy community."

The Ofsted inspection at Newfield came one month after another successful inspection at Woodlands Primary School, one of Mercia Learning Trust’s primaries in Gleadless that feeds into Newfield.

Chris French, CEO of Mercia Learning Trust, said: "The recognition from Ofsted that both these schools are so strong, and are making a real difference to the children of Gleadless, is a significant statement for the area, and aligns with our values that every child attending one of our schools deserves an education that will truly transform their life.”

The school was last rated to be good in March 2017.