Sheffield's most oversubscribed primary schools

Sheffield schools: The most oversubscribed primary schools revealed as places for September 2022 announced

Sheffield children have discovered where they will be starting school for the first time in September – but 43 schools were oversubscribed.

Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 4:13 pm

It means some pupils who had wanted to go there will have to go to a different school or go through an appeals process.

Sheffield Council has revealed most pupils were allocated a place at the school they had hoped for.

But they have also revealed the schools that are most oversubscribed – with one school having to turn town 35 applications because they had so many wanting places.

Our gallery reveals which schools were the most oversubscribed, according to the new figures figures, meaning they had to turn would-be pupils away.

The list is based on Sheffield Council schools and does not include the church schools which were oversubscribed and have slightly different procedure.

Sheffield primary school places allocations

In Sheffield, based on the position on the national allocation date of April 19, 2022, 92.98 per cent (5,508) got their first choice of school

In addition, 4.14 per cent (245), have been sent to their second choice.

Another 1.35 per cent (80) were given a place at their third preference; and 1.53 per cent were offered a school which was not one of their three choices.

First preferences are higher than in 2021. Overall 98.47 per cent of pupils were allocated one of their three preferences, which is slightly higher than the 98.1 offered one of their preferred schools in 2021, representing a continuing positive picture.

Parents who did not get their first choices will be informed of the appeal procedure by the council.

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