Sheffield schools: The hardest secondary schools to get your Y7 child into for the 2023/24 academic year

These were the Sheffield schools that had the most pupils fighting for a place in the classroom.

The deadline for when parents can apply for a place at Sheffield's secondary schools passed this week.

Households had until October 31 to name their three preferences for where their Y7 children will go when they start 'Big School'.

Data shows how some schools in Sheffield are more fought over than others, and parents may want to see how in-demand the city's secondaries are.

The gallery below shows which of Sheffield’s ‘big schools’ offering places for Y7 had to refuse the most applicants, making them the hardest to get into for 2023.

A school’s oversubscription rate is determined by how many children it had to turn away in comparison to the number of places it had to offer.

Statistically, the most oversubscribed secondary school in Sheffield was once again Mercia School, in Millhouses, which had to turn away 137 pupils while filling its 180 places. This also means Mercia has one of the smallest intakes in the city. The only school with a smaller Y7 cohort is Oasis Academy Don Valley, who will welcome 160 new students this September.

For the list of which schools in the city are the most oversubscribed, see our gallery below.

Not on our list below are Stocksbridge, Birley, Ecclesfield and Bradfield schools, which it is understood are undersubscribed this year, in that they are starting this year with places still available in their classrooms.

Also not listed here are All Saints and Notre Dame Catholic schools, which the city council could not provide the data for. The Star has contacted both schools and will update the data below when it is available.

Sheffield City Council says 96 per cent of students this academic year received a place at one of their three preferred schools, and 88 percent received their first preference.