Sheffield school launches fundraising campaign to run GCSE music

A Sheffield school is asking for donations of money to run GCSE music next year after previously deciding not to offer the subject.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 2:42 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 1:59 pm
Tapton School, Crosspool
Tapton School, Crosspool

Tapton Secondary School, in Crosspool, is aiming to raise £12,000 to allow pupils to study their preferred course from September 2019.

The campaign has been launched following the announcement earlier this month that GCSE music would not run for Year 10s in the next academic year as too few students had opted to study the topic.

At the time, Adrian May and Kat Rhodes, co-headteachers at Tapton School, said: “Music and the arts continues to be a core part of the KS3 curriculum. In 2019/20, too few students have chosen to take music at GCSE, in the current climate of educational cuts.”

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Now the Tapton School Academy Trust, which runs the secondary, is asking for community support.

David Dennis, CEO of the trust, said: “We have received a groundswell of support from students, parents and musicians to run GCSE music at Tapton School in September 2019.

“One hundred pounds from 100 people, with the addition of gift aid, will enable us to run the course and maintain continuous provision of music GCSE within the arts.”

The trust has confirmed that if the required amount of funding is exceeded, then the additional money received will be used to support the arts in other ways within Tapton. The cash will be spent the same way if the total amount is insufficient to run the music programme.

A final decision on the course will be made at the end of May.