Sheffield primary school sends donations to Poland for Ukrainian refugees

Meersbrook Bank Primary School in Sheffield has filled three vans worth of goods which are now on their way to a warehouse on John Street, Sheffield, before being driven to the Poland-Ukraine border.

By Lauren White
Monday, 21st March 2022, 12:47 pm

Pupils, families, and teachers from a Sheffield primary school have been donating nappies, sanitary products, and prams for Ukrainian refugees this morning.

Lola Gray, aged nine, said she wanted to donate to families fleeing the Russian invasion to help them keep warm when they cross the border.

She said: “I feel like I’m stuck in a school whilst they have to abandon their school because their houses are being bombed. It’s awful.”

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The collections dropped off at the Sheffield warehouse will be driven to Poland by volunteers for the South Yorkshire group United for Ukraine.

Headteacher Gemma Harvey said Meersbrook Bank Primary was inspired to get involved as children and staff have been so affected by watching the news since Putin launched his invasion last month.

Mrs Harvey said: “We knew that we had to do something, and we wanted the children to really experience seeing the things going into the back of the vans, so they can really connect with what’s going on.”

Meersbrook Bank Primary School in Sheffield filled three vans worth of essential goods

The pupils today were also wearing blue and yellow – the colours of the Ukrainian flag – after children in Year 6 made ribbons for the school gate last week.

Emma Gray, a parent who is driving one of the vans to the warehouse today, said she contacted Mrs Harvey about helping the refugees to help show the next generation they can make active change in the world.

She said: “The world needs citizens who think: ‘OK. Bad things are happening, what can we do to help?’

“It’s also good for the children’s mental health, so that they don’t just feel helpless.”

Scarlett, aged eight, shows the ribbon she made for Meersbrook Bank Primary School’s gate

Scarlett, aged eight, said her message to Ukrainian children was to “stay safe” as she hopes the war will be over soon.

Matthew Brown, Emma Gray, and David Hedley are driving vans to the warehouse this morning