Rotherham school’s new 3G pitches plan up for approval

An application for a new 3g pitch at a Rotherham school is set to be approved at tomorrow’s (May 19) RMBC planning board meeting.

Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 3:40 pm

Wales High School has applied to install a new 3g pitch with associated fencing and floodlighting on a sport field which is currently used for for football and athletics during the summer months.

An officer report, to be presented to members during tomorrow’s meeting, states that the field “falls within the green belt outside of the community facilities allocation of the school.”

The pitch, which will include six 15m high floodlights and 4.5m high fence, will be used by both Kiveton Park Football Club and Wales High School according to the report.

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An application for a new 3g pitch at a Rotherham school is set to be approved at tomorrow's (May 19) RMBC planning board meeting.

The pitch was originally proposed in the south western corner of the overall playing field site, approximately 60m from the nearest residential property on Horseshoe Close, but following officer advice the planned pitch has been moved to the south eastern portion of the sports field “so as to reduce noise and light pollution to local residents on Horseshoe Close.”

A noise assessment states that “noise levels at receivers were predicted to fall below the adopted criteria during the proposed use periods,” and a light impact assessment indicates that “light spillage will be minimal and not harm neighbouring amenity”.

Nine letters of objection were submitted, on the grounds of “unacceptable” hours of use, light and noise pollution, and the proximity of the pitch to Horseshoe Close.

One resident states that the “floodlit pitch will directly shine into our house and garden,” and added that “it seems overkill to build additional facilities in a residential area with the associated disruption of additional traffic, noise pollution and particularly light pollution.”

However, 26 letters of support were submitted, stating the the proposed pitch will be a “good facility” for youngsters, will improve physical activity and mental health, and “supports the growing football club and improves school facilities”.

One resident states in their letter that “the benefits this 3G pitch will provide to the community and Wales High School will be far superior to any immediate resident complaints about light pollution.

“This will again provide a significant benefit to our community, providing many physical, social and mental benefits sport and exercise offer.”

Another letter of support states that the pitch would “benefit hundreds of children and help to promote good health and exercise.”

A design and access statement, submitted on the applicant’s behalf by Smith Construction states that the pitch’s proposed opening times are Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm, and weekends and bank holidays 9am to 6pm.

The officer report states that the sports pitch will have a “good quality appearance suitable for its setting close to a school with other existing sports pitches.

“As such the sports pitch will have an acceptable impact upon the character and appearance of the green belt.

“Whilst some noise will be heard this is not considered to be excessive and is not unusual from a longstanding sporting location.

“Whilst clearly such a 3G pitch will generate more use with the associated noise from players and spectators, which may be heard by some neighbouring residents, this has to be weighed against the significant benefits of the scheme by providing important all weather recreation facilities.”

The proposals are recommended for approval.