My first weeks as an apprentice at JPI Media

I’ve now been an apprentice at The Star for nearly a month – and at the beginning I had no idea what I was in for since this was my first experience of journalism.

But from the first day it was very easy to settle in and see how things worked.

Along with the help given from others in the office and the introductions given by our editor Nancy and deputy editor Tim, it became easier for me to learn and understand more about the reporter role that I would be fulfilling, especially with daily tasks and outing activities to nearby community events.

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I particularly love the friendly atmosphere of the office and how helpful everyone is here helping us apprentices settle in and making sure that we always have activities to complete.

I have wholly enjoyed my first weeks because it has helped open my eyes to a whole new way of life by being on top of what’s happening in the community and the world, learning about small businesses and close-knit communities that I had no idea existed.

I have been on visits to the Catherdral Archer Project, spoken with business owners and traders in the city centre and seen how the petrol crisis has affected people in my own community. I also attended the Apprenticeship Awards and saw how colleges and businesses are helping people like me start their chosen careers.

Being at The Star I have experienced many different cultures and lifestyles which I wouldn’t normally experience on a daily basis by having the privilege to be invited to events and getting to know other people who were also previously in my place as an apprentice. By being given this opportunity it gives me a chance to motivate myself to grow and improve my skills in reporting and writing, which is my ultimate goal.

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I’m now looking forward to continue writing more articles for The Star whilst improving at the same time and I’m very excited to meet new people and progress in my journalism career all the while enjoying my time with everyone in the office.

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