Challenges of the ‘new normal’ and how one Sheffield school has overcome them

Teacher and pupils across Sheffield have learnt to adapt to the new coronavirus measures imposed a month ago to allow schools to reopen safely – but it hasn’t been without its challenges.

Tuesday, 6th October 2020, 5:04 pm

When schools reopened their doors in September they faced a ‘new normal’ with rules on face coverings, social distancing, and hygiene adding extra pressure on teaching staff during what is arguably the busiest time in the academic year.

Implementing the measures proved logistically challenging for some but one focus has remained throughout, to offer children the same high quality teaching and learning as they did before the pandemic.

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Reception and Year 1 children working at the table at St Wilfrids R C Primary School

At St Wilfrid’s Primary School, in Millhouses, students are said to have adapted extremely well to the new measures, with social distancing and one way systems in place to reduce contact between large groups.

Head of school, Delia Evans, said: “It has been a real challenge having the children back in; trying to keep everybody separate, everybody safe.

"But, staff have worked really hard and it’s been really lovely and really worth it to see how happy the children are to get back into our curriculum and to make sure they’re learning what they need to be learning.

"We’re really pleased to have everybody back and that it’s gone really well so far.”

Year 2 reading at St Wilfrids R C Primary School

Executive headteacher, Andrew Truby, said: "The children have adapted extremely well to being back at school full time. It is almost as though they appreciate it that little bit more because they had not been in school for part of lockdown.”

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Delia Evans head of St Wilfrids R C Primary School
Children at St Wilfrids R C Primary School are said to have adapted extremely well to the new coronavirus measures. Pictured are Year 2 maths using equipment.