Anger as only top grade GCSE pupils allowed to pick up results at Sheffield school

Angry parents have accused a Sheffield school of inviting only a handful of top grade GCSE students into school for their results – while leaving the rest to pick them up by email.

Dad Steven Green said families had been angered by the way results day was handled at Yewlands Academy, Grenoside, with a number of complaints having been posted on the school’s social media accounts.

The pupils who had achieved top grades were photographed at the school with their results, with pictures shared on social media, he said.

Mr Green told The Star: “The overall view is that a fair few families were angered by the way this was handled. At least 10 complaints were put forward via social media. Initially they were replied to, rather abruptly by a school staff member. These replies have since been removed.

A tour around Yewlands Academy with Bob Johnson and Abtisam Mohamed from Sheffield City Council ahead of the school opening to pupils next week. Picture: Chris Etchells

“Most schools in our area let pupils attend school to collect results. Yewlands made the decision not to allow this, due to rising Covid case numbers. Although this was a let down and a disappointment for the pupils, I believe most understood the decision.

“However, the anger came when the school had released the results online, and then invited only the top per cent of the year up to the school to pose for photos with the headteacher, which were then shared online.

“It feels as if the school only care about the highest achieving pupils, and have ignored the rest, who have worked so hard to achieve their results, during a pandemic.

“If all pupils were told not to attend school, why were the highest achievers allowed? Surely it was all or none?”

He added: “My daughter Lily did well and passed all GCSEs at a level she required to be accepted onto her chosen college course. We are extremely proud of Lily and all the year 11s for their efforts during these strange school years.”

Lyndsey Atherton said on Twitter: “What about the other kids who have worked just as hard and passed their exams?”

Stevie Moore tweeted that he thought every student should get the same treatment. “Bad show, Yewlands,” he added.

The Star has contacted the Brigantia Learning Trust, which runs Yewlands Academy, for comment.

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