Your guide to the best tech toys for tots this Christmas

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1. Leapfrog Creativity Camera App - £15 from

This case transforms your smartphone into a hub for the kids to take pictures and get all creative, while keeping your handset safe from harm. Compatible with iPhone 4,4S, & 5 and the iPod Touch, young photographers can create, play and learn with their photos with six creativity and learning modes. Great fun - until you need your phone back.

2. APPen - £13.99,

This pressure sensitive pen plugs into most smartphones and tablets (both iOS and Android) and, together with the dedicated app, turns them into a digital playground for kids. There’s a terrific combination of learning and fun, through all manner of creative play, and the harder you push the pen the greater the impression it makes on the screen. This is no ordinary biro.

3. Playskool Showcam - £49.99 from

This is a superb camera for younger snappers; they can take pictures, add daft animations and then flick a switch and project their fancy images on to almost any surface. All the controls are kid friendly, and the editing stuff is all built-in so there’s no need for any other device. Just let them loose, sit back and (hopefully) admire the results.

4. Vtech Push And Ride Alphabet Train - £24.99 from

For younger tech-hungry tots, this superb plaything will get them learning without them even realising. The 13 chunky blocks must be placed in the correct slots to get the electronic driver talking letters, objects and animals. There’s a motion sensor on-board too so they can toddle along, sit back and enjoy the ride.