Yarn-spinner cottons on to new record achievement

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RUTH Gough spins a good yarn - so much so she’s set a world record!

In the space of an hour, Ruth used her hand-powered spinning wheel to produce a continuous woollen thread almost 100m long.

A representative from Guinness World Records was present at the challenge - meaning the first-time record was established officially.

Ruth has been hand-spinning for 46 years, and has her own business, Wingham Woolwork, at Wentworth, Rotherham.

Each participant in the record attempt was given 100g of washed Shetland wool to produce their thread. Ruth, 58, began by teasing out the fibres and straightening them using a carder, before creating the thread on a wheel.

“We weren’t aiming for a perfect-looking thread so quality was not too important,” she said.

Ruth started spinning aged 12, and alongside her business has developed a career teaching others about the craft, leading classes across Europe.